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Club Mac of Monterey is your local non-profit user group dedicated to Apple Macintosh computers as well as Apple software, mobile, and iOS devices.  CMoM holds monthly meetings on the SECOND THURSDAY of every month where members and guests come together to get up-to-date information and learn about computer hardware and software, to discuss technical questions, and to share experiences. 


Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Social Media


Carrie Glenn, Founder of Etiquette at Hand and BalletBarre by Carrie™


Carrie Glenn will be giving a presentation on Social Media to include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more!  She will be able to advise which media is the best for your personal contacts and/or your business.  She will welcome your questions!

Carrie sees the value in social media and its ability to influence, educate, and even transform people's lives.  She has immersed herself into social media and its ever-changing and evolving platform, utilizing and mastering it for her businesses.  Whether you tweet, post, or hashtag; double tap, like, or share; connect, follow, or friend; Carrie has the tips and tricks for successful social media for your business and personal use. 


Canterbury Woods Auditorium, 651 Sinex Avenue in Pacific Grove





Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
"Photos" in IOS 8 which will relace iPhoto and Aperture  

Jerry Gifford


We are being told that Apple has stopped supporting iPhoto and Aperture with updates and bug fixes. A new application named "Photos" will take their place, probably, early in 2015.  Our October meeting will delve into what little we know about "Photos" and explore future options for iPhoto and Aperture users.  "Photos" is among us.  We will take a look at "Photos" in IOS 8 for insight into what might be coming to your Mac.  As usual questions about using the current iPhoto and Aperture are welcome.

Click to open Jerry's document "Links to Photos in iOS 8"  with ten links to more detailed information. (106 KB in Pages format)


Canterbury Woods Auditorium, 651 Sinex Avenue in Pacific Grove



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Parking for CMoM is on Sinex or 19th Ave.
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